Purchasing a new large-screen TV is a terrific way for many people to start the year, especially if they can find a fantastic deal. Furthermore, a lot of 2023 sets are currently the lowest they have ever been.
For several more months, prices should continue to decline as shops get rid of their older set inventory to make place for the 2024 sets.
We have a list of the top TVs available right now below. We’re always testing new TVs as they go on sale, so be sure to check back. (CR examines hundreds of televisions annually.)

Comprehending the two fundamental technologies employed in modern televisions is beneficial prior to making a purchasing decision. In contrast to OLED TVs, which produce light from each pixel individually, LCD TVs, also known as LED TVs, use LED backlights that illuminate the screen.

The darkest shadows can truly appear black, as in real life, rather than gray, thanks to OLED sets’ excellent ability to portray the darkest portions of an image. Additionally, OLED TVs have nearly infinite viewing angles, so even if you’re not staring at the screen directly, the picture will still look fantastic.

QD-OLED is a new kind of OLED TV that was unveiled by Sony and Samsung last year. It has the ability to create an overall brighter image. (CR has tested OLED and QD-OLED TVs next to one other.) Additionally, LG, an OLED TV manufacturer that uses WOLED, a separate technology, promises to increase brightness on its finest models this year.

But the majority of TVs are LCD models, and while they can’t always achieve the same level of black brightness as OLED panels, they do get better every year. This is especially true of models with full-array backlights, which divide the backlights into zones that can be individually dimmed or illuminated depending on the scene, rather than just along the edges.

The best LCD TVs can produce extremely bright, vivid images; pricier TVs are usually the only ones with full-array backlights with local dimming. Other sets are edge-lit, meaning the LEDs are placed on the sides of the screen; some of these sets also have local dimming, but it’s usually less effective than in sets with full-array backlights.

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